Friday, January 14, 2011

The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign Needs a Stylist

It is said that you can tell everything you need to know about a man by looking at his shoes.

By extension, you can tell a lot about almost anyone by looking at their dress. Which is why I never take any of the crazy, anti-Israel protestors too seriously. They dress funny. Now, I know this isn't scientific data (thus, the disclaimer they put on the top of the page) but, bear with me.

Please review the above picture. You got a guy in a shirt with a star-burst pattern on it. He isn't against Israel as much as he is mad that Woodstock ended. Then, there is the young lady in the Chaka Khan haircut died red to match her tights. In the back is a stewardess and, in front of her, is a very severe looking old man dressed in his ninja-best. I am not certain but I believe the guy on the far left is wearing a Bolo tie which would be cool if he was one of those famous Irish cowboys. Wait, what?

The little girl on the far right says everything we need to know. Her look of complete desperation is scary. It is as if she knows she is being used for the photo-op by this alien race of bigots and haters and is looking for the nearest exit. It could be worse. If she were a kid in Gaza, the area support, she'd probably be walking around with a bomb strapped to her waist.

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