Sunday, June 13, 2010

YouTube? Not MyTube

I thought that user-supported content was supposed to be the solution to media-bias. I thought that sites such as YouTube and similar democratic sources of information were supposed to represent the will of the people.

Well, that was before corporate entities like Google bought YouTube and turned it into another piece of single-sided, agenda-driven brainwashing.

Blaming copyright infringement [which is a shallow and poor excuse considering that any first year law student (in a Junior High School with a mock-court program who is failing all their other classes) could tell you that parody provides fair use rights on intellectual property], YouTube took down the wildly popular and bitingly funny "We Con the World" skit from Latma that described the "peace activists" aboard the terrorist armada that attacked Israel's coast as liars and cheats.

The video also described the media as a tool in the terrorist propaganda kit. Unfortunately, this proves them right.

Stand up for free speech and artists' rights. Join HERE and let YouTube know that public opinion is not for them to determine.

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