Monday, June 7, 2010

Kari Ferrell is a Worthless Anti-Semite

Kari Ferrell, also known as the Hipster Grifter, is a lying, whoring, convicted criminal with no writing skills, bad tattoos and a body that even when posed naked barely b(r)ought her any attention. Inside and out, she is ugly, as diseased as the cancer she famously claimed to have, worthless and living based solely on modern society's fascination with reality programming and the dregs they immortalize.

Brainwashed by the irony of her world and inoculated against shame by her time spent in prison and Salt Lake City, she announces her many faults in diary-style ramblings on the AnimalNewYork blog. There, her half-formed ideas, sophomoric musings and intellectual masturbations are manipulated for effect by a team that appreciate that others appreciate the joy of watching car accidents.

Lacking literary talent and sensing her 15 minutes slowly circling the toilet bowl of former celebrity, Kari has, at least twice, resorted to anti-Semitic statements in her blog posts. This would be hurtful if the comments weren't so cliched and child-like. In an article regarding lawsuits HERE, she calls Jews litigious (oh, snap). Then, in THIS PIECE, where she offers material aid to a suspected mass murderer, she resorts to ancient Roman pedagogy describing how Jews will burn in hell (as opposed, I assume, to con-men, swindlers and thieves like herself).

Hey, Kari - we heard you. Not shocking. Not funny. Still lame. Your intellect is as gaping and empty as that hallway you hold down below. Enjoy Brooklyn - the gentrifiers are coming.


  1. AMEN. The woman is not a normal person in the head. Jews and gays burn in hell...absolute retard. I'd love to post a reply with interesting points and proofs of contradictions in her writing that will provide and interesting opinion and read to people...but I just dont have anything besides AMEN..enough said.

  2. I don't like her either, but I am so sick of hearing the word whore thrown at women - it's so lazy and tired. And the comments about her body, really? You don't have to stoop to her level to articulate why she is wrong in so many ways - you're just perpetuating the same kind of drivel she is.

    That said, Animal linked to this post so congrats on some increased traffic I'm sure you'll see as a result. That was your intention with this post, right? Probably a similar motivation to why Ferrell posts the crap she does and why people continue to publish it.

    So hey - we heard you. Not shocking. Not funny. Just lame.

  3. Very fair criticism, Amy. And, you are right, I regret the body comments. But, I stand by the "whore" assessment. It is a title she actively sought and continues to manipulate for her own reasons. Far be it from me to post a value-judgement on the term - I just recognize and record it.

    Now - as for whether, as you insinuate, this is a cheap P.R. stunt, the answer is exceedingly and unflinchingly dichotomous. Yes and No. Of course I want to bring attention to the kind of insidious, dangerous, misinformed, hateful anti-Semitism that is polluting our political discourse - don't you?