Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We Never Sleep

It is 4:33 in the morning. Seth and I are sitting in a parked car outside of the Sderot Media Center, stealing their wi-fi. Across the street is a bomb shelter painted by GUEST on one side, JOIST on the other. CYCLE has a huge piece on the the back. Roy Orbinson is on the radio. He is crying over someone. She must have been very special. We just left EAC doing a mural at the Police Station. Yes, graffiti, inside a Police Station. There are feral cats and angry dogs. We are supposed to wake up at 6:15 tomorrow to go take pictures of every bomb shelter we painted. We've lost count. We are too tired right now to try and remember. Maybe it is better that way. Art should be unexpected. Right? We don't know where they all are. We don't. At 8:00, the artists wake up and drive an untied shoelace length from the Gaza Border. While we stare down their guns - we have weapons of mass creation in our hands. We will paint the army base tomorrow. Then, we will hug the last few people in Sderot that we have not yet hugged. Then, we go to Tel Aviv. I assume there will be more wireless internet there. I'd say there will be far less sleeping but what is less then nothing. This is everything. Everything that matters. It matters because when the innocent children of Sderot went to sleep last night, they did so hidden and frightened of the large, ominous bomb shelters. Today, they awoke to beauty and hope. We can not wait until tomorrow.

That being said, we are going to be updating this blog as much as possible once we make it to Tel Aviv. Enjoy.

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