Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jersey Shore, Pauly D and one messed up Israeli

It was about time. With all the cliches and stereotypes being justified live on the Jersey Shore, I knew that it couldn't be long before some other races and religions (even the hair-gelless ones) got involved. Enter an embarrassing caricature of an Israeli woman who is best and most often described as Pauly D's stalker.

Luckily, Pauly D demonstrates a breadth of true understanding about Israel when he says: "They wouldn't like me over there. I got a cross on my arm." Although, that is only what I think he said - the Marlon Brando, pasta-in-the-gums accent made it hard to decipher.

Hey Pauly - Christians like Israel too. And Israelis like Christians. Let me put this in words you understand. Sometimes you need to shoot the steroids right into the bicep. Other times, you shoot it between your toes. It is still the same steroid...understand?

P.S. Peace to the Fat Jew, the only good member of Team Facelift for the above interview with The Situation.

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