Monday, January 25, 2010

SUBJECT: My best class

Another amazing, awesome, outrageous, over-packed, artistic, music-filled, hipster-loved, skateboard and graffiti-fied A4I event.

Seth Wolfson's photography brought out the lothario in all of us.

Enjoy the pictures. This is just the first round of shots. Many more coming as the video-cameras and regular cameras and other sorts of cameras were flash-banging away all last night.

And, tonight - we do it all again. This time at a religious institution with pictures from Israel.

How do we do it all?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

(S)kin: Hookahs and Nudes

SUBJECT: An Exploration of the Appropriate Matter for Art

Isramerica: Sisters Doin' It Right

When Sivan first approached A4I about co-sponsoring their inaugural show, we were skeptical. Literally coming out of nowhere, she, Sharon and the other ladies had an ambitious dream that seemed too grand for anyone (no matter how talented) to pull off. But, there is never enough good, Jewish art and an opportunity to see more and to watch these young women shape and mold it into a professional performance of epic proportions was irresistible.

They met, then exceeded, then literally shattered all our expectations. We witnessed a true "moment" in theater and performance, seeing the height of the talent offered by the ex-patriate community displayed with grace and excitement.

The second show has ambitions to top even that.

I am worried I won't have the adjectives to praise the next one enough. But, I accept the challenge.

Buy your tickets now. It will be worth it.

Jersey Shore, Pauly D and one messed up Israeli

It was about time. With all the cliches and stereotypes being justified live on the Jersey Shore, I knew that it couldn't be long before some other races and religions (even the hair-gelless ones) got involved. Enter an embarrassing caricature of an Israeli woman who is best and most often described as Pauly D's stalker.

Luckily, Pauly D demonstrates a breadth of true understanding about Israel when he says: "They wouldn't like me over there. I got a cross on my arm." Although, that is only what I think he said - the Marlon Brando, pasta-in-the-gums accent made it hard to decipher.

Hey Pauly - Christians like Israel too. And Israelis like Christians. Let me put this in words you understand. Sometimes you need to shoot the steroids right into the bicep. Other times, you shoot it between your toes. It is still the same steroid...understand?

P.S. Peace to the Fat Jew, the only good member of Team Facelift for the above interview with The Situation.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Propaganda can be very boring

A tool of Hamas propaganda in Gaza has created an art show commemorating the erroneous number of terrorists killed during Hamas' war with Israel last year.

It is odd to me that in an area of such poverty, corruption and hate, every single "artist" only knows how to insult Israel.

Well, allow me to insult him back.

Does everyone in Gaza look the same?

Thank you and I'm done.

Dear Israel, Let Us Paint The Fence

On the other side of the fence, the terrorists who had once crossed indiscriminately into Israel, threatening buses, pizza parlors and innocent men and women, have turned themselves into artists. Now, they paint the security fence and receive international recognition for it. By claiming the spotlight in this regard, they insure that they determine the narrative of the debate and the news parrot their ridiculous jargon.

This is a sorry state of affairs. The fence is an unfortunate but necessary situation. It has effectively reduced suicide bombing attacks by over 90%. It protects people. Period.

But, it is there. And, until Israel is willing to let artists and groups such as A4I paint messages of support and hope along the Israeli side, it will continue to be misrepresented in the media.

We beg for this opportunity.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Evgeny Kissin gets it very, very right

Evgeny Kissin, considered to be one of the world's greatest pianists has stood up against the BBC's anti-Israel bias and wrote a letter detailing many of Israel's beauties and strength. An honor.

More information HERE

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Teddy Pendergrass & Israel

I can't find any connection between Teddy and Israel. So, I lack an excuse for posting this other than the fact that we are all tied together by our mortality. R.I.P. Teddy.

Now, indulge me for a minute. Imagine if Teddy was an Israeli army officer or politician. There would be no more war.

"Close the door. Uh. Stop shooting at us. Yeah. Give it up! Give it up! Ooooow! No more war! No more fighting! Yeeeeah."

And, like that - peace.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Better Late Than Never

A4I performers at Joint-CUNY Hanukah party. Peace to Adam - the world's slowest photographer.