Friday, December 18, 2009

PACBI: The Unauthorized New Logo

As an organization that is both Anti-Israel and Anti-Arts, PACBI stands as the exact, polar opposite to Artists 4 Israel. Like a negative of the picture of tolerance, freedom and creativity that Artists 4 Israel represents, PACBI stands in stark contrast, a simplified, colorless error that while interesting to look at (like car accidents) offers no clarity, no sense and provides no beauty.

That such an organization would exist and further, that it would allow itself to attempt to justify censorship while serving as an apologist for terrorism, oppression and the crimes committed by the very people it claims to represent, is disheartening to the artistic and creative community.

As such, to give the arts and creative community some heart, A4I has asked them to do what they do best. We have asked them to re-imagine the PACBI logo as it really should be represented. Unlike PACBI who fights dialogue and creativity with intimidation, harassment and censorship, we welcome dialogue and we fight their injustices with humor, wit and thoughtfulness. we proudly reveal the first Unauthorized New PACBI logo.

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