Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Open Letter to ArtThreat.Net

Dear ArtThreat,

You claim to be the "leading media outlet devoted solely to political art, cultural policy, and contemporary media issues." You claim to only "discuss policy as it pertains to culture."

However, upon a review of your site, I came across multiple descriptions and promotions of art that either spoke against Israel or spoke for "Palestine." There was no coverage of art that was critical of "Palestine," spoke to Israel's beauty and strength, to what it has suffered by "Palestinian" terrorists or to anything that provided a fair, honest and well-rounded view of Israel or the conflict in the Middle East. In fact, a search for "Israel" on your site provided 18 hits, all of them which were negative.

Israel is a free democracy that guarantees rights for all her citizens. Israel supports the arts. Unlike in "Palestine" where artists face many restrictions by their own terrorist government, Israel encourages and does not censor the arts. In Israel, as throughout the world, art that is supportive of this rights-filled country exists. For further examples of such art, please see Your decision to not showcase this type of work, then, appears as if it was a deliberate, editorial decision. By only highlighting one side in the issue, ArtThreat is creating and promoting policy, in direct contradiction to your stated purpose.

As a website that prides itself on standing up against the establishment, particularly in the form of corporate news and entertainment, you are hypocritical by allowing yourselves to become just like them. You appear biased and have, seemingly, become a tool of the well-funded "Palestinian" propaganda machine. It is a shame that you would take art work funded by oil-rich governments as propaganda tools and display it as the work of the people standing up to oppression when, in reality, it most often is the very work of oppression.

I look forward to you providing more thorough and balanced coverage.

Artists 4 Israel

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