Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Calling "bullshit" on Peter Offord

Peter Offord, a politician so unimportant he doesn't even have a wikipedia page, and a member of England's Green Party in a small town council whose biggest mission is reducing the speed limit to 20 and choosing which old age homes to close, has taken it upon himself to act as a voice for both the arts and the people of Gaza. Excuse my large yawn of disinterest.

Yet, not allowing his relative ignorance and impotency to prevent him from sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, Peter allowed himself to be made a pawn by the P.R. forces supporting the terrorist dictatorship of Gaza. Peter attempted to travel to Gaza, via Egypt, to deliver "art supplies." Of course, he was stopped by the Egyptian army that patrols its border with Gaza. Of course, he and others are attempting to make this big news.

According to Peter, who has achieved nothing as of yet:
Mr Offord said the trip had still fulfilled its objective to raise awareness of the situation in Gaza and help victims of the conflict.

Sort of makes me believe the whole art thing was one big sham.

Perhaps if he were smuggling rockets or other terrorist items, he would have had more success. There is always next time.

Need I mention how ridiculous it is for any Green party member to have anything negative to say about Israel, the leading state protector of the environment? No, I didn't think I needed to either.

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