Monday, October 12, 2009

Today, I am an Isramerican

Some people claim that we do too much advocacy - disallowing the beauty and majesty of art to work its wondrous magic. To those people I say...dramatic much? Jeez, people.

But, here is our very emphatic head-nod to art. Our sister organization, Isramerica, is staging the first of (hopefully) many displays of Israeli-American and Jewish-American performance. Featuring musicians, actors and others, it is an ambitious and eclectic line-up.

Seth Wolfson and Craig Dershowitz had an opportunity to sit through a dress rehearsal and both came back very excited about what they saw. Artists 4 Israel's officers will be in attendance as co-sponsors and as excited fans. We hope you can join us.

You may purchase tickers HERE and HERE and HERE

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