Monday, October 5, 2009

Seth Wolfson: Behind the Camera

For those that don't know, photographers hate to have their picture taken. That is why they make a point to always position themselves behind the lens. The 8 or so inches of the hardware in their hands provides a gulf of anonymity between themselves and the outside world.

Knowing this, I have always tried to bridge this gulf. To, in the words of The Oregon Trail, "forge the river." And, I have always been disappointed.

Until last night. The pictures above and below are NSFW. Which is fine. Because they are beautiful and artistic and that is very much Not Safe. Because with art and beauty comes thought and inspiration. And, so much can happen when one is inspired.

But I digress. The point of this post is to pay homage to one of our VPs and one of our Founders, Seth Wolfson. Seth is often our staff photographer as well as our staff therapist and our staff chef and our staff "wow, that is the most correct way of doing this crazy idea one of our artists had."

More than that though, Seth is an artist himself. An internationally displayed photographer, Seth is particularly adept at capturing the moment of revolution. He has shot from behind the barricades, positiong elections, rebellions and the uprising of people between his shutter-clicks.

We are honored to have him photograph our (S)kin Life Drawing events. And, what better way to honor him than to do the very thing he doesn't want - show his picture! Seth - this is for you!

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